Racing Jacket – Vented OO 9171 Sunglasses 37 Matte Black / Prizm Road


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SHOP OAKLEY REPLACEMENT LENSESVENTED RACING JACKET®SHOP OAKLEY REPLACEMENT LENSESPRODUCT INCLUDES:Microbag with lens pocketAdapt and conquer with Oakley Switchlock™ Technology for fast and easy lens changing so you can optimize your vision for the environment. Racing Jacket® takes all the clarity, convenience and comfort of Oakley Jawbone and cranks up style with icons you can change whenever the mood strikes you. And when G-forces strike you, the retaining strap makes sure the frame stays put. Two sets of lenses are included (one for bright light and one for low light), and you’ll have High Definition Optics® (HDO®) to go along with the performance comfort and protection of ultra-premium sport eyewear.This is eyewear that craves the chaos of action sports, especially with protection that meetsANSIZ87.1 standards for high velocity and high mass impact. You can switch to a new lens set quickly, and while the lenses are securely mounted, there are no uneven pressures to distort the optics and mess with your view of the world. All lenses featureHDO® clarity with patented innovations likeXYZOptics® to keep vision sharp, all the way to the periphery. Optical performance exceedsANSIZ87.1 standards, and with 8.75 base lens curvature, it’s a wide-open view with superior side protection. The frame is crafted from a lightweight, stress-resistant material called O Matter® Our Three-Point Fit maximizes comfort while holding the lenses in precise optical alignment, and Unobtainium® components increase grip when you sweat.You’ll want to gear up by adding optional lens sets, and we engineered a full collection for Racing Jacket®. Take advantage of the glare-cutting performance of Oakley HDPolarized lenses. Choose lenses with Iridium® coating for precisely balanced light transmission. Get Oakley Photochromic lenses that adapt to changing light by darkening automatically. You can even get Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses with a wide range of options.SPECIAL EDITIONS:Drawing on designs inspired by artists, charities, sports and the athletes who play them, Oakley Special Edition sunglasses combine the world's finest optics with some of Oakley's favorite causes. From Infinite Hero to the official eyewear of Major League Baseball®, Oakley Special Edition sunglasses help you wear your heart on your face.They endure thousands of miles of grueling pain and exhaustion that would crush lesser souls. Their hearts squeeze blood nearly a million times, and their legs generate enough cumulative watts of power to light an entire city. They are the elite who compete in the ultimate test of human endurance, the Tour de France. This special edition eyewear honors the riders of cycling’s greatest competition.FRAME:Oakley Switchlock interchangeable lens technology for fast and easy lens changingRemovable retaining strapDurability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter frame materialUnobtainium components that increase grip when you sweatComfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds the lenses in precise optical alignmentInterchangeable metal iconsLENSES:High Definition Optics for clarity, visual fidelity and impact resistance that meets allANSIZ87.1 standardsXYZOptics to extend clarity to the edge of a wide peripheral view8.75 base lens curvature that improves side protection against sun, wind and impactUV protection of Plutonite® lens material that filters out 100% ofUVA/UVB/UVC& harmful blue light up to 400nmPolarized Options–Minimized glare via technology that produces the best polarized lenses on the planetTransitions®SOLFX® photochromic lenses options: Darkens and lightens the lens in response to the environmentIridium coated lenses that reduce glare and balance light transmissionOakley Authentic Prescription LensesINTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIESIRIDIUM®Designed to balance light transmission and reduce glare, this premium lens coating is made with superheated metal oxides. It is available in a spectrum of colors for optimizing vision in virtually any light condition.