Radarlock Path Prizm Golf OO 9181-42 Sunglasses Polished Black with Prizm Golf Lenses 24-428


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Oakley has recently introduced the Prizm lenses to its award-winning Radarlock sunglasses frame. Oakley has once again researched and developed a new technology in its Prizm lenses, which is now offered in the award-winning “Flak Jacket” sunglasses frame. Oakley Prizm Lens Technology lenses are designed to filter out specific points of the light spectrum that detract from contrast, and to reveal the light waves that offer additional contrast. For the Golf collection, those light waves are specifically studied which pertain to grass, trees, and greens terrain. Prizm lenses are color tuned for specific sports and environments to provide greater visual detail and sharper color contrast. It’s a lens technology specifically engineered to correspond with different environments. Prizm goes beyond tinting. It fine-tunes your vision to the surrounding elements. It is an evolution of lens technology that allows you to see all the minute details of the terrain, to compete with confidence, and to react faster and with greater control.